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Skin & Ink began as a monthly tattoo magazine in 1992. Skin & Ink focuses squarely on showcasing the art of tattooing. Skin & Ink is unbiased, featuring new contemporary, emerging artists as well as distinguished, well known artists from around the world.

Skin & Ink Quarterly Print Magazine is distributed and carried in major bookstore chains including premium locations at Barnes & Noble, Hastings as well as major art store chains, boutiques, galleries and newsstands.

Major wholesale distribution: CMG, ANC (through CMG)

Each beautifully designed, full color issue is printed on high quality paper. Skin & Ink delivers a diverse cross section of the most influential, genre bending tattooers of our time as well as breaking new and amazing talents.

Readers of Skin & Ink in print and online are seeking to satisfy their cravings for new and unique art.


Skin & Ink – The New Contemporary Tattoo Magazine
Editors in Chief | Eric G. Soudry, CEO & Scott Versago, COO

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  • Editors | Dr. Michelle Conty, Eric G. Soudry
  • Editorial Contributors | Amanda Stevens, Samuel Mullis
  • Senior Photographer | Amber Mannon

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