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Carefully curated, our editorial content discusses tattoos against our rich cultural history and current tattoo trends. If you’re interested in the techniques, skills and stories of tattoo artists, Skin & Ink Magazine has interviews with tattoo artists aplenty and regularly covers the latest products, technologies and innovations throughout the tattoo industry. We’re a fantastic way to keep in the know about the hottest things happening in tattoo culture.

Inside of Skin & Ink Magazine, you’ll find tattoo-packed content, including stunning photography with top models from legendary photographers such as Amber Mannon and interviews with some of the finest tattoo artists from around the world. You’ll discover daring designs and what celebrities and musicians are up to with their ink collections. Pleasingly, Skin & Ink Magazine shows off every possible style of tattooing, with no bias. We offer a glimpse into the entire tattoo community and appeal to all enthusiasts. Skin & Ink Magazine is for artists, collectors and those yet to get their first tattoo.

We’re also one of the only magazines that truly capture the stories behind the clients who have gone under the needle. It’s intriguing to discover more about people, instead of simply looking at their tattoos. Skin & Ink Magazine prides itself in capturing stunning photos of men, women and couples. These photos are almost always accompanied by the story behind their ink. You can’t go wrong with our in-your-face style photo shoots that capture truly breath-taking designs that break the mould, and the corresponding showcases of the tattoo artists that create them.

With Skin & Ink Magazine, you’ll discover that tattoos aren’t just art, they’re a way of life for many of us.

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