Tattoo Tom

Tattoo Tom is best known for his ‘full color nerdism’ tattoo style, creating custom pieces in the style of existing animated pop culture icons. He won his first award whilst still serving his apprenticeship and has subsequently won competitions internationally. He opened his pop culture themed studio, The Rising Tide, in 2015. In 2016, he was a guest judge at Lucas Film’s Star Wars Celebration Europe’s tattoo competition, and he has been listed by Tattoodo as one of their top 5 pop culture tattoo artists.


James Woodford (Woody to most) has been tattooing since Jan 2000 and for the last eight and half years very happily among the crew of Into You Tattoo Brighton.  Into you Brighton, situated on the south coast is the sister shop of the long established into you London in Clerkenwell.

Woody likes nothing more than to make traditional inspired tattoos in the star wars vein. Although loving the more mechanical side of the droids and space he also turns his hand to rather more abstract portraits with an almost crystalline structure much like the Han solo portrait featured in the book portraits from a galaxy far far away.

Help him on his quest to evade wearing a suit and living life in a more uncivilized age.

Tommy Giblin

My Name is Tommy Giblin. I grew up in New Jersey and have lived in the area my whole life. Growing up I’ve always had a passion for art and pop culture. Movies, comics, cartoons, and video games have played a big part in anything that I would draw. Drawing a lot of inspiration from movies like Star wars and Indiana Jones as well as any Marvel comic you can think of.

I’ve been tattooing for about 15 years. I am fortunate enough to own my own shop Cypher Ink Tattoo Studio with my beautiful fiancée for the last 4 years. We opened an all custom shop where I have the opportunity to create one of a kind tattoos. I always pride myself in giving 110% in any tattoo I do, but always get a little extra excited when I get the chance to do something nerdy and pop culture related. I specialize in black and grey realism but can also do color. I try to stay versatile so I can accommodate the clients’ wishes.

Thom Bulman

My life has revolved around pop culture for as long as I can remember. From first seeing Star Wars, to now tattooing Star Wars characters on a regular basis- if it has to do with movies, television, video games, or pop culture in general…I want to turn it into an illustration or tattoo.


Theresa Gordon-Wade

Tattooist/owner at EPONA ART AND TATTOO in Nottingham England.
Theresa loves tattooing and art, scifi and fantasy, animals and is a wife and mother. She specialises in portraits, semi realism, art nouveau styles and both colour and monochrome tattooing With 25 years experience.
You can see her work on her websites and Facebook and Instagram pages.
Tel (0044)(0)1636 815771

Stark Thompson

Stark, the owner of Mount Olympus Tattoo, moved to southern Oklahoma at a young age from Memphis, Tennessee. An artist his whole life, he was influenced majorly by cartoons as a child, but always wanted to push dimension and make his artwork more dynamic. So he branched out, experimenting with any medium he could get his hands on. With eight younger siblings, Stark always wanted to be someone they looked up to. Stark had always planned to pursue a career in animation, with hopes of one day bringing his own comic to life. Upon graduation, he began studies at the Art Institute of Dallas in Media Arts and Animation.

In 2010, he sort of stumbled into tattooing. An artist relative, Booker T Hurte, turned him onto the idea of tattooing while attending school full time. After juggling the idea for a couple of months, Stark decided to experiment with tattooing. Instantly realizing this was by far the most difficult form of art he had ever tried. The challenge was intriguing and frustrating, this sparked an ambition to learn and master this craft. This lead to eventually dropping out of college and moving back home to pursue a new career.

With Oklahoma only recently legalizing tattooing in 2006, there were not many options available or legitimate avenues locally to learn from. After years of searching for an apprenticeship and being denied by multiple shops from Dallas to OKC, he eventually landed one. Upon completion, at age 23 he opened the first and only tattoo shop in the city of Ardmore. It was titled Mount Olympus not only because of his obsession with Greek mythology but also because of the extensively difficult journey it took to get there.

Shannon Ritchie

Shannon Ritchie has been tattooing for about 15 years, and is currently working at Red Rocket Tattoos in New York City.  Prefers to do comic style tattoos.   In addition to tattooing Shannon has also provided illustrative work for comic companies such as APE, ALTERNA, and IDW with properties including Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Poison Elves.   He also supplied material for Wizards of the Coast STAR WARS RPG game system.  His favorite color is purple.

He can be contacted at

Saga Anderson

As a lifelong devotee of the Sith, Saga Anderson relishes all things emanating from the power of the Dark Side. An award winning tattoo artist based in Calgary, Canada, he specializes in color realism, focusing on full panel high saturation tattoos with photoreal, abstract, and painterly elements. He currently maintains an extensive travel schedule throughout the year nationally and internationally both as Ink by Saga and also as part of the tattoo collective the Realism Club.
Contact Info:
FB & IG: @inkbysaga

Pony Lawson

Pony Lawson is a renowned tattoo artist and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Mayday Tattoo Co; founder of Mayday Tattoo Supply; and creator of Tattoo Stencil App and Tattoo Palette App. With over a decade of experience, he is an expert in his craft and is best known for creating amazing portrait tattoos.

Pony works primarily at his studio in Chicago but frequently travels to conventions and guest spots. For booking or inquiries, visit

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