Piero Tat-twin

 Piero Tat-twin is an Italian tattoo artist, born and raised in Perù. He has a Masters in Design and is a resident tattooer at Ink Lab Tattoo, Verona.

He’s been tattooing for 6 years and specializes in New School and Realism. He’s an award winning artist working conventions and doing guest spots around the world.

Star Wars art has always been a big part of both his life and his brother’s… they’ve designed posters, t-shirts, logos, etc for the 501st, both for their local Garrison and worldwide. You can meet them at most Star Wars events: from the 1997 Special Edition release, to the 501st Rose Parade Spectacular (including the Documentary Star Warriors), to a cameo as the Jedi Council guards in the fan film hit Dark Resurrection.

Trooping, prop making, old school choppers and muscle cars are a few of his other passions.

Piero is also one of the featured artists on the upcoming Star Wars body art book The Force in the Flesh Vol.2.

facebook: Piero Tat-twin
instagram: @pierotattwin
email: info@tat-twin.com

Phillip Denby

I’m a UK based CG Modeler/CG Animator Licensed by Lucas Films Limited, with a BA(hons) Animation.

I have a passion for movement, animation, story telling and model making. I have a love for traditional and digital art and I’m a new technologies enthusiast.

I’ve been working in the tattoo industry for about 14 years. Recently I have become a member of Ink Fusion Empire, traveling the world working at the worlds leading Comic Book Conventions.

Phil Morgan

 After receiving a degree in painting from the Florida School of the Arts, I joined the military to learn about life. I spent six years in the Navy as a nuclear mechanic on a submarine in the North Atlantic, which left me with a desire to find a more people friendly profession. On a whim I purchased some tattoo equipment and started working on co-workers that were brave enough to sit for me. Everyone turned out fine, so I kept at it. Shortly after I left the service I stumbled upon a shop in Willington, CT. It introduced me to working in a custom shop environment that provided some fantastic days and unspeakable nights.  After two years of exclusively tattooing I grew restless and started painting again, which along with the urging of my wife Liz, led me to go back to school. In 2011, I completed my bachelor’s degree in illustration from the University of Connecticut. Some of my dusty old homework assignments can be found on the ‘paintings’ page.

     In early 2012, I opened RLMG Tattoos in Vernon, CT. The business worked as an art gallery, painting studio space, and single occupancy tattoo shop. The shop was a runaway success. Eventually the cold winters started wearing on Liz and I, so we decided to move. We picked Central Florida because of the delicious food and year round sunshine. In 2016 I opened a new RLMG Tattoos in downtown Orlando. Again I ran the place by myself for three years until I realized it was time to expand. The latest shop is called Sandtiger Tattoos. It’s located in Longwood, FL and provides the space to bring in some additional artists. Each artist, including myself, have individual rooms to guarantee personal attention, privacy, and zero distractions.

    Between prepping for tattoos, commission work, recreational drawing on skateboards, and playing with my daughter, I have no other life to speak of.  -Phil Morgan

Patrick “Bear” Dearman

Patrick Dearman, also known as “Bear” (that’s me!) has been tattooing professionally since the mid nineties in various locations in and round the southeast. Starting out with a basic apprenticeship With a friend, Stan Davis, in South Carolina, It was mere months before finding a small shop in Augusta GA. to start a career that has been full speed ahead since the needle hit skin. Working in a Flash shop, just down the street from Fort Gordon, the basics of tattooing were combined with the need for speed, and accuracy in fast paced situations.
Having an art background, and extensive education in art since middle school, moving to skin as a canvas was a seamless transition, and the concepts taught at that early age still apply today. Moving to Florida in 2003 was an opportunity to work in some of the best shops in central Florida, winning best in Orlando several times before following the Star wars “geek” in myself, and opening Imperial Class Tattoo LLC,in 2012 to explore pop culture tattooing . This fortuitous event also coincided with joining Ink Fusion Empire for star wars celebration v in Orlando, and the rest is history, dishing up premium pop culture based tattoos for all fandoms in a clean, professional setting at conventions.
I enjoy scifi tattoo subjects, but tattoo a wide range of styles, including classic horror portraits and fantasy subjects as well. Star wars has been my favorite since 1977, since I sat wide eyed in a small Georgia two screen theater, witnessing an imperial class star destroyer tractor beam up a rebel ship as if it were a light snack.
As an artist, I prefer to always aim to look out for Joe average, and provide an affordable tattoo while also providing a premium experience in quality and satisfaction.

Email : Imperialclasstattoo@gmail.com


instagram : @inkslinginjedi

twitter : @inkslinginjedi

Nick Puma

Nerd since 1978, tattooing since 2004. It’s was when I was in the navy when I found my calling for tattooing .
I enjoy tattooing all styles especially traditional, neotraditional, and realism. New York native living in Denver. I love Star Wars and 80’s pop culture — especially tattooing them. I’m a lover of exotic foods like sour patch kids and Swedish fish. Feel free to message me on Instagram (@nickpuma) for scheduling or any questions.


Needles is a Star Wars freak, horror fanatic and all around movie buff who also finds time to tattoo and paint. He has been tattooing in New York City for over 25 years. You can check out his website at www.monkeymojo.com. For appointment info, email darthneedles@yahoo.com.
Facebook: Needles-NYC Instagram & Twitter: @darthneedles
Needles currently splits his time tattooing at Red Rocket Tattoo in NYC, Speakeasy Tattoo in Peekskill, NY and 8 Golden Falcons Tattoo in Brewster, NY. Whereas he enjoys tattooing, painting, and general geekdom as a whole, he is especially partial to the horror and comic book genres, and all things Star Wars.  Needles has a Communication Design degree from Pratt Institute and is also a freelance illustrator.

Mike Bianco

Mike Bianco has been tattooing worldwide as a LucasFilm licensed artist with the Ink-Fusion Empire since 2011 and works at Rose Gold’s Tattoo & Piercing in the famous Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, California.
For appointments, please contact Mike at: mikebiancoart@gmail.com

Michael Bogle

My name is Michael Bogle. Im 27 years old. Ive been tattooing for 7 years.
Im from New Orleans Louisiana and i love tattooing scifi and fantasy imagery. I grew up being very fond of science-fiction and fantasy. As I got older I realized artists and engineers had to create all of my favorite effects Ive come to love as a kid. That pushed me to want to do something creative with my two favorite genres of story telling.  As I got older and found tattooing I then found a way to have my love for the two genres and my love for tattooing to come together. I’ve met some of the best people and have been all over with being involved in both of these worlds and I’m looking forward to pushing my work further with the inspiration that comes from my love of science fiction.

Michael Bogle
New Orleans, La.
Instagram: m_bogle

Matthew Mckelvey

Large-scale Japanese bodysuits made a lasting impression on Matt at an early age. He committed himself to have a career based solely on his artistic ability and found that tattooing was the perfect fit for him.

Matt currently tattoos at Wyld Chyld in Pittsburgh, PA with a focus on and eclectic range of styles and subject matters not limited to: Japanese imagery, mandala/dot-work, and realism. Movie, cartoon, and video-game imagery is always a favorite.

Goonies Never Say Die.

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