Cross-Screen Pre-roll Video


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This product enables advertisers to run pre-roll video ads around IMDb video content.

Placement: Desktop: Over the page, within the Lightbox Video Viewer. Page content is disabled and dimmed. Mobile: Above the fold, within IMDb Video Player

Formatting: Compression and optimization provided by IMDb.

Tagging: 3p VAST and VPAID 2.0/3.0 accepted. Sizmek, Innovid, and DCM (DCM Viewability console settings are not permitted)

Pre-roll Video Example


Production Specifications
Serving1st party and VAST or VPAID 2.0/3.0 tags Sizmek, Innovid, and DCM (DCM Viewability console settings are not permitted)
Additional Tracking1×1 only, no Javascript. Impressions and Clicks Only, no quartile metrics
Ad TypeStandard IAB
Aspect Ratio (Dimensions)16:9 (640×360 px standard definition or 1920×1080 px high definition)
Frame rateAt least 15 FPs
Audio128kbps / 44khz
Recommended bit rate2Mbps
Preferred codecVideo: H.264, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4; Audio: MP3 or AAC
Recommended file size20MB
Video duration6 to 15 seconds unskippable
Supported Date MessagingUp to 5 unique date messages
Production Timeline

IMDb Ad Production Timelines account for the number of business days it will take to produce an ad unit. Ad Production Timelines include all typical phases of an ad lifecycle such as booking, design, trafficking and testing. Timelines vary depending on who is responsible for designing the ad unit.

  • All timelines begin when design assets are received and approved by IMDb.
  • All timelines end when the ad unit is live on IMDb properties.
Client Built Timeline3 business days

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