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Fronkie L’Heureux apprenticed in Tallahassee, FL under Alain Rodgers at Euphoria Tattoos on Gaines Street, a local hub for art, music, and all things generally rad.  She began tattooing in 2005, and in 2009 opened her own studio, Sistine Skin.  There was no flash on the walls in the hopes of encouraging clients to co-create custom work.  Fronkie joined the Ink Fusion crew at Megacon in Orlando in 2012, and was hooked on tattooing at pop-culture conventions with such talented artists and great people.  When her husband’s job was cut, the couple moved to Southern Maryland, where he had found a job.  She now works at King of the Bay in Solomon’s, MD, and enjoys doing bright, colorful, detailed work from portraits to comics to art nouveau.

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