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My name is Gary Parisi. I am a Chicago native and Co-Owner of Mayday! Tattoo Co. and competitor on the hit TV show Inkmaster season 10. I specialize in photo realistic tattooing as well as cover ups and anything Star Wars related is my absolute favorite! However, I can tattoo anything any style no problem, I tattoo it all! I have won several awards competing against the worlds best artists traveling around the world showcasing my work and getting my name out there. If you find your way to Chicago, come check out the shop, I am fortunate enough to surround myself with an amazingly talented award winning elite team of artists that I am proud to call my family. I hope you enjoy what you see, and please feel free to follow me on @garyparisi for all updates on my traveling schedule as well as most recent work photos. Thank you very much for your support, and I hope to tattoo YOU in the near future!

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