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My name is Kevin James Tattrie, and Ive been tattooing for 10 years, although Ive been an artist drawing illustrative characters and designs since I could first hold a crayon. I am a firm believer that within our innerchild, holds our truest and purest self. Way before we got tricked into the myth of adulthood; we dreamed, we played, and we imagined freely. I love it when people get a tattoo that represents their childhood, showing that growing up doesnt mean their childhood has to die, and that who they were is still part of who they are. As an artist, I take great honor in getting to help people do just that, and in return, it helps me keep the spirit of my childhood still alive and thriving.  I would describe my style of tattooing as an illustrative blend of New school and Neo traditional styles, and a vast majority of my clients have me design and tattoo their nostalgia, comic book, starwars, video game, and other fandom tattoos. I think everyone should get their favorite food tattooed on them, and everyone deserves the experience of getting an original and custom piece of body art made just for them.

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