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Matt Difa was seven years old the first time he saw someone who was covered with tattoos, and he immediately decided that permanently drawing on people’s skin was a nifty idea. In 1998, Matt felt he was ready to start tattooing, so lined up an apprenticeship with Jason Sage who was then tattooing at Evil from the needle in London. Matt learned a lot more than just the basics from Jason, who also helped set up his you apprentice with a job a Tribalize. From there Matt shuttled back and forth from London, Germany and Belgium working in various studios before finally settling back in London, where he opened Jolie Rouge tattoo in 2006.

Matt is always working to improve his abilities by spending a lot of time drawing pictures of things he likes – and it’s a safe bet Matt is pretty high on Star Wars, because it’s a theme that he’s constantly revisiting. The imagery from the saga offers Matt an endless amount of fuel for his imagination and a familiarity that allows him to put extra detail into every sketch, painting and tattoo. Doing Star Wars tattoos presents Matt the opportunity to experiment with a variety of lighting effects and texturing techniques, and he’s dedicated to trying to tattoo the perfect lightsaber. Matt has completed some very impressive Star Wars tattoos to date and is confident he’s got a lot more inside him.

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