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My name is Michael Bogle. Im 27 years old. Ive been tattooing for 7 years.
Im from New Orleans Louisiana and i love tattooing scifi and fantasy imagery. I grew up being very fond of science-fiction and fantasy. As I got older I realized artists and engineers had to create all of my favorite effects Ive come to love as a kid. That pushed me to want to do something creative with my two favorite genres of story telling.  As I got older and found tattooing I then found a way to have my love for the two genres and my love for tattooing to come together. I’ve met some of the best people and have been all over with being involved in both of these worlds and I’m looking forward to pushing my work further with the inspiration that comes from my love of science fiction.

Michael Bogle
New Orleans, La.
Instagram: m_bogle

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