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Patrick Dearman, also known as “Bear” (that’s me!) has been tattooing professionally since the mid nineties in various locations in and round the southeast. Starting out with a basic apprenticeship With a friend, Stan Davis, in South Carolina, It was mere months before finding a small shop in Augusta GA. to start a career that has been full speed ahead since the needle hit skin. Working in a Flash shop, just down the street from Fort Gordon, the basics of tattooing were combined with the need for speed, and accuracy in fast paced situations.
Having an art background, and extensive education in art since middle school, moving to skin as a canvas was a seamless transition, and the concepts taught at that early age still apply today. Moving to Florida in 2003 was an opportunity to work in some of the best shops in central Florida, winning best in Orlando several times before following the Star wars “geek” in myself, and opening Imperial Class Tattoo LLC,in 2012 to explore pop culture tattooing . This fortuitous event also coincided with joining Ink Fusion Empire for star wars celebration v in Orlando, and the rest is history, dishing up premium pop culture based tattoos for all fandoms in a clean, professional setting at conventions.
I enjoy scifi tattoo subjects, but tattoo a wide range of styles, including classic horror portraits and fantasy subjects as well. Star wars has been my favorite since 1977, since I sat wide eyed in a small Georgia two screen theater, witnessing an imperial class star destroyer tractor beam up a rebel ship as if it were a light snack.
As an artist, I prefer to always aim to look out for Joe average, and provide an affordable tattoo while also providing a premium experience in quality and satisfaction.

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