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 After receiving a degree in painting from the Florida School of the Arts, I joined the military to learn about life. I spent six years in the Navy as a nuclear mechanic on a submarine in the North Atlantic, which left me with a desire to find a more people friendly profession. On a whim I purchased some tattoo equipment and started working on co-workers that were brave enough to sit for me. Everyone turned out fine, so I kept at it. Shortly after I left the service I stumbled upon a shop in Willington, CT. It introduced me to working in a custom shop environment that provided some fantastic days and unspeakable nights.  After two years of exclusively tattooing I grew restless and started painting again, which along with the urging of my wife Liz, led me to go back to school. In 2011, I completed my bachelor’s degree in illustration from the University of Connecticut. Some of my dusty old homework assignments can be found on the ‘paintings’ page.

     In early 2012, I opened RLMG Tattoos in Vernon, CT. The business worked as an art gallery, painting studio space, and single occupancy tattoo shop. The shop was a runaway success. Eventually the cold winters started wearing on Liz and I, so we decided to move. We picked Central Florida because of the delicious food and year round sunshine. In 2016 I opened a new RLMG Tattoos in downtown Orlando. Again I ran the place by myself for three years until I realized it was time to expand. The latest shop is called Sandtiger Tattoos. It’s located in Longwood, FL and provides the space to bring in some additional artists. Each artist, including myself, have individual rooms to guarantee personal attention, privacy, and zero distractions.

    Between prepping for tattoos, commission work, recreational drawing on skateboards, and playing with my daughter, I have no other life to speak of.  -Phil Morgan

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