**Please DO NOT submit photos with a watermark or “PROOF” or “PHOTO NAME” on the photo.  Include credits with email.

  1. Images must be UNPUBLISHED .
  2. The Images must be at least 300 dpi High Resolution.  Formats accepted are: JPG & PNG
  3. Submissions must have a minimum of (6) and a maximum of (15) to be considered.
  4. Nudity is allowed but no images involving sexual acts.
  5. Submissions with watermarks or credits directly on the images WILL NOT be accepted.
  6. Credit must be accompanied with the editorial SEPARATELY that should include  photographer & model.
  7.  If your model(s) are agency represented, please be sure to specify the agency’s name as well.
  8. Please provide links to your website for linking purposes to help promote your work ie. Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  9. We will not publish/accept submissions without credits.
  10. Send submissions to


By allowing Skin & Ink Magazine to publish your work, you grant us permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, marketing material, advertisements, videos and any other mediums or formats used in the creation and dissemination of Skin & Ink Magazine content.


Understand that any expenses such as travel, etc., are the sole responsibility of the persons accepting to participate in the Editorial. Skin & Ink does not reimburse for any expenses associated with the Editorial. By participating in the Skin & Ink Magazine Editorial you grant Skin & Ink Magazine (, unlimited permission/authorizations and all clearances to submit these items for use by Skin & Ink Magazine ( and any/all of our media partners, photographers, and collaborators for media distribution. We, including our media partners, photographers, collaborators, may use your work, unlimited, in any of our publications, social media, websites, marketing material, advertisements, videos and any other mediums or formats used in the creation and dissemination of Skin &Ink Magazine content.  Understand that there is no compensation for this usage. Understand that you will not receive FREE IMAGES or Complimentary Magazine Copies; if images are requested by you or anyone associated with the Editorial produced by Skin & Ink Magazine, there is an Editorial Image Fee.


If you are a designer or fashion brand looking to be featured please send us an email to with the headline “DESIGNER SUBMISSION”.  Include product images, a link to your website and a brief bio.  We accept all items associated with fashion – women’s wear and menswear, accessories, footwear, home decorating, lifestyle and jewelry.


If you are a model submitting for placement in Skin & Ink Magazine, please submit HI RES photos along with all permissions as stated in the ALL SUBMISSIONS paragraph. By submitting images/pictures to Skin & Ink Magazine you state that you have all the permissions/authorizations/clearances to submit the photos for distribution and you give Skin & Ink Magazine ( FULL permission/authorizations/clearances to use the works.


Please include all photo credits with your submission. This should include (but is not limited to) photographer, hair, makeup, stylist, model name and assistants, etc.  Rules for photo submissions are the same as “All Submissions” paragraph.


At Skin & Ink Magazine we are always looking for writers and bloggers who would like to contribute to the magazine and website. If you are interested in writing or blogging for us, please send an email to with the headline “Writer Submission” and attach your story/pitch.  All items submitted are subject to the same rules as “All Submissions” paragraph.

Any items submitted to Skin & Ink Magazine ( are subject to the “All Submissions” paragraph rule.  There is no monetary compensation for any submission or published works on any of our media outlooks.  We do not give out complimentary copies of the magazine.

Submissions and Materials for Review by Mail:

Copies, books, dvds, postcards, USB Drives, CDs or prints outs are acceptable to the below address with your contact info. Submissions and all review samples WILL NOT BE RETURNED. PLEASE DON’T SEND US YOUR VALUABLE ORIGINALS. Thanks!

Send to:

P.O. BOX 5333
Akron, Ohio 44334

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