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“Living in a world where most artwork is created digitally, it is very easy to forget about our roots.”

In this article I will be listing the tools I use for all of my traditional drawing and marker illustrations.


Let us begin with our very first essential tool of the trade – PAPER!
For my illustration work I require something quite durable, So I settle for BRISTOL BOARD, Bristol board is usually around 250GSM [Grams per Square Meter] – and it sure can take a beating. Unlike most other papers the dense nature of Bristol board takes to markers very well, with minimal bleed allowing for a more precise inking experience.


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When it comes to graphite pencils, I went through so many variations until I met this little wonder – The brilliant PENTEL Mechanical Pencil. It allows for consistent line width and there is no need for a sharpener. I personally work with a 0.7mm lead, but you can find them in all sorts of sizes.



For the outlining process I use the infamous UNI PIN fine liners. These waterproof little writers are my personal favorite when it comes to quality and consistency. You can usually find them in sets of five or six with nib sizes ranging from 0.05mm to 0.8mm.




When coloring between the lines, I found myself with a very British alcohol based marker. These pens go by the name of Winsor & Newton ProMarkers, formerly owned by a company called Letraset. These markers have a blendable translucent ink and are twin-tipped with a broad chisel nib and fine bullet nib. You can also get add-ons to make the nibs extra small if necessary.

Usually when I want highlights in a marker piece I try to leave spaces untouched so that the white of the Bristol Board can shine through, but this is not always the case. So I use a combination of white pencil for the fainter marks and a white Sakura Gel Pen for the more intense highlights. e.g. the reflection on the pupils.

And that is it ladies and gents!
A quick little list of the tools I personally use to achieve my particular type of illustration.
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